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Megalong Valley Brigade History

The following are excerpts are taken from Keith Duncan's recollections printed in "The Spark Of Megalong" book by Bob Yates

Keith Duncan was a foundation Captain, however, no records were kept of the meetings neither was there any records kept of fires until the 1930's.

Bushfire fighters in these days were locals who had hand tools, a box of matches and transport was by horse or walking to get to the fire.

On 12th October 1952, a public meeting was convened at Megalong Valley Public School, presided over by Tom Ward with the object of re-organising the bushfire brigade after it had lapsed during the Second World War. This was the beginning of the formation of our present day Brigade.

The following month on the 10th May 1953, another meeting was held and Jack Kirby elected President, Bill Abel Captain, Ken Skeen Secretary. From then on there have been a continuous group of people who have kept the Spark of Megalong alive.

In 1956 the Brigade came first in the inaugural Blue Mountains field day held at Bulls Camp. The Brigade continued to win many trophies at successive events against other mountain crews and were often outright winners on the day.

During 1970's the Brigade obtained another fire fighting unit which was slightly bigger and able to carry more personnel with fire fighting equipment provided by the local council. The Council in conjunction with Bushfire Service built a new brick shed to house the brigade and provided another Blitz tanker.

The Brigade also received ex-US Army, Willies Jeep and six wheel drives Studebakers. These were followed by Bedford tanker and Landrover.

These days, our fire-fighting fleet consist of four vehicles, Isuzu tanker holding 3200 litres of water, Isuzu Cat 7, Toyota Landcruiser (striker) and a Toyota personnel carrier.

old megalong brigade tanker
Spark Of Megalong Available at Brigade Station

old megalong brigade tanker