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Below is a summary of the meeting held on 11-12-2019. Full details including attachments can be viewed by clicking on the link in the right hand column;


Brigade Name: Megalong Valley - Meeting Type: Bi Monthly - Meeting Date 11-12-2019 Meeting Location: Megalong Fire Brigade Station - Time Commencing 19:30 hrs.

No. Agenda Item Responsible Person
Welcome and Opening of Meeting Chair
Apologies/Attendance Chair
Guest Speaker Nil
1. Minutes from Previous Meeting Secretary
2. Business arising from minutes Secretary
3. Correspondence Secretary
4. Matter arisig from correspondence Secretary
5. Captain's report Captain
6. President's report President
7. Treasurer's report Treasurer
8. Field officer and/or Office Bearer reports Equipment - Training - O.H.& S. - Community
9. General Business Chair
10. Date of Next Meeting 12-2-2020
11. Meeting Closed 20.38hrs
List of Attached Reports and Motions (if applicable)


Brigade Name: Megalong Valley Voluntary Bush Fire Brigade

Meeting Type: Bi-Monthly Date 11-12-2019

Location: Megalong Fire Shed Time of Commencement 19.50hrs

Present: Present: LG, RM, HF, KT, DS, JA, MS, LC, MH and Simon Anderson

Welcome - Linda welcomed all present.

Apologies - IA

Guest Speakers - Nil

1.Minutes from previous meeting

Previous minutes were read and agreed to be an accurate account of the meeting.
Moved: Linda Greer Seconded: Keiron Thompson

2. Business arising previous meeting

  • Community Notice Board – It has been delivered to the Megalong Valley Shed in pieces with the box of corflute letters and numbers. Council to be contacted to organise a time for it to be installed.

  • Name/Brigade Tags- Name tags arrived and given to the respective members. It was noted that Steven Mills did not get any. Another order will be placed when there is a sufficient number of members who need them.

3. Correspondence - Emails District Office

4. Matters arising from correspondence - Nil

5. Captains Report

  1. Callouts - Multiple campfires; baby locked in a car – RFS assisted; and other false alarms

  2. Current Fires Ongoing concern. There were complaints voiced about leadership/communication issues. BART or Email was discussed again. Texting seems to work better than anything else at the moment. These issues were debated and plans put into action

  3. Tanker Inspection - Postponed until next year.

  4. 6. Presidents Report - Stay safe and hydrated.

    7. Treasurers Report - Copy Attached

    Moved: Linda Greer Seconded: David Somerville Unanimous.

    8. Field Officers and other reports - Nil

    Training Report - David Somerville
    David will be contacting people to find what they need – either to start or upskill. Training programs will be then put in place for everyone.
    Other training exercise days to be organised.

    Community Engagement Report
    The Notice Board is to be properly installed by Council – as mentioned previously. It would have been ideal for it to have been installed not long after it had been delivered, to have been able to use it for the current fire events.
    Robert Morse attended Megalong Valley School for a Fire Information Day – handing out information bags and allowing the children to use the electronic fire extinguisher and to explore the firetruck. Both the teacher and children were very appreciative of the time given and had fun.

    9. General Business

    1. Xmas Get Together - Postponed until further notice…

    10. Date of next meeting
    12th February 2020

    11. Meeting Closed