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Below is a summary of the meeting held on 9-10-2019. Full details including attachments can be viewed by clicking on the link in the right hand column;


Brigade Name: Megalong Valley - Meeting Type: Bi Monthly - Meeting Date 09-10-2019 Meeting Location: Megalong Fire Brigade Station - Time Commencing 19:30 hrs.

No. Agenda Item Responsible Person
Welcome and Opening of Meeting Chair
Apologies/Attendance Chair
Guest Speaker Nil
1. Minutes from Previous Meeting Secretary
2. Business arising from minutes Secretary
3. Correspondence Secretary
4. Matter arisig from correspondence Secretary
5. Captain's report Captain
6. President's report President
7. Treasurer's report Treasurer
8. Field officer and/or Office Bearer reports Equipment - Training - O.H.& S. - Community
9. General Business Chair
10. Date of Next Meeting 11-12-2019
11. Meeting Closed 20.41hrs
List of Attached Reports and Motions (if applicable)


Brigade Name: Megalong Valley Voluntary Bush Fire Brigade

Meeting Type: Bi-Monthly Date 09-10-2019

Location: Megalong Fire Shed Time of Commencement 19.42hrs

Present: Present: LG, RM, HF, KT, DS, JA

Welcome - Linda welcomed all present.

Apologies - MH, IA, JC, MD, LC, MS,

Guest Speakers - Nil

1.Minutes from previous meeting

Previous minutes were read and agreed to be an accurate account of the meeting.
Moved: Robert Morse Seconded: Keiron Thompson

2. Business arising previous meeting

  • Lawn Mower: It was agreed that these items need to be engraved with the Brigade’s name.

  • Community Notice Board – NSW RFS has approved the funding - $5063.52 - for the new Fire Danger Meter & Community Notice Board. Robert spoke to the District Office and it was agreed that it was more beneficial for them to pay for it directly and have it delivered. Awaiting update.

  • Fire Danger & TOBAN Signs - David Somerville is willing to assist with changing the toban signage.The calendar will be completed and procedures, which include “How To; Where Signs Are; and a suggested conversation with people at the camp grounds during TOBAN periods, will be sent to all members.

  • Name/Brigade Tags- Has ordered nametags for the other members and more Megalong Valley tags and paid for them.

  • Letterbox - Helen presented two letterboxes from Bunnings with prices etc. All members agreed to purchase the “Chelsea” in Woodland Grey with accessories

3. Correspondence - Emails District Office

4. Matters arising from correspondence - Nil

5. Captains Report

  1. Rescue at Six Foot Track - if you are available but unsure where to meet, go to the shed or contact the Captain for more details.

  2. Service of Vehicles: Cat 1, 9 and the PC have been serviced; Cat 7: Still to be serviced.

  3. Tanker Inspection - still to be arranged.

  4. Get Ready Weekend - Held on Sunday 15 September 10am-1pm: Four members attended.

  5. Pack Saddlers”Property - Has officially been purchased by National Parks. A load of 2.5tonnes limit has been placed on the bridge.
  6. 6. Presidents Report - Nil

    7. Treasurers Report - Copy Attached

    8. Field Officers and other reports - Nil

    Training Report - David Somerville
    Crew Leader: Upgrade - Sat 19 - Sun 20 October at the Shed beginning at 8:00am.
    Other training exercise days to be organised.

    Community Engagement Report
    The brigade has been given a set of three ladders for children to access vehicles in a safe manner for Community events

    9. General Business

    1. Motion: That Helen Finney be accepted as an Ordinary Member in the roles of Operational Support and Administration for the Brigade.
      Moved: Linda Greer Seconded: Kieron Thompson - Unanimous

    2. Xmas Get Together - A BBQ for all Members and their Families is to be held on, Sunday 15 December, 2019 at the Shed 11:00am until “Whenever?”.

    3. Motion - That Helen has requested authorisation to purchase new cleaning equipment etc. for the Shed.
    4. Moved: Linda Greer Seconded: Kieran Thompson

    10. Date of next meeting
    11th December 2019

    11. Meeting Closed